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Museums and Excursion Destinations

In the vicinity of Furudal you will find many museums, cultural attractions and interesting excursion destinations for the whole family


Zorn Museum Mora

In the middle of central Mora, right next to the church, is the Zorn Museum - one of Sweden's most popular art museums dedicated to the artist Anders Zorn (1860-1920). Here is a selection of Zorn's watercolors, oil paintings, sculptures and etchings as well as parts of his art and object collections. The museum also arranges temporary exhibitions. In their popular children's workshop, children aged 4-12 have the opportunity to do handicrafts and handicrafts under the guidance of a teacher.

Norwegian Veterans Museum

During the years 1943-1945, 2500 Norwegian refugees came to the small town of Furudal in Dalarna, located here to be trained as Reserve Police. More than 60 000 come to all of Sweden. If you are interested in history, the Norwegian Veterans Museum in Furudals Bruk is worth a visit. Told about the turbulent time, when refugees, placed here to be trained as Reserve Police. Museum activities in closer collaboration with the Furudals Bruk Culture House Foundation.

norskveteran museum_edited.jpg

Rättvik Kulturhus

Rättvik Kulturhus is a gathering point with a library, picture archive, art gallery and nature museum. Activities are arranged here for all ages throughout the year.

Mine in Falun

A visit to the Falun mine is a unique and exciting experience. Here you are in the heart of the World Heritage Falun, in a place with a thousand years of history. You can book  a guided tour of the Falu Mine underground  through large halls, winding passages and deep shafts. Then there are special children and family tours underground and guided tours above ground. Take the opportunity to visit the new exciting exhibition about the history of the mine in the Mining Museum. Hear the stories of life and work in the mine. If you want coffee, there is a cozy bed and breakfast, shops, cafes and restaurants. 



In the middle of Dalarna's beautiful forests, near Grundberg, is the fairytale park Tomteland. Here among lakes and waterfalls is the realm of trolls, the forest of rivers and Santa's own village.  Tomteland offers a magical fantasy world and  visitors can move freely among the fairy tale characters and events that take place around the various scenes in the park in a so-called live theater. An experience for children and adults.

Alpaca walk

An unique experience in Furudal since autumn 2022.

Come to Sandnäsgård in Furudal and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature on a walk with Kaatje and her alpacas Thor, Ubbe and Ivar. The walk goes through the forest and by the lake. Afterwards, Kaatje offers a cosy fica break. E-mail to make an appointment.

Norrboda Gammelstan_edited.png

Gammelstan in Norrboda

A beautiful old village with well-preserved 17th century farms. The oldest houses are believed to be from the 16th century and the ownership lengths of the two farms can be traced back to the 17th century. winter conditions. You can take a tour of the village with a guide or download an app.

Poetry path

The owners of Marcusgården in Furudal, in cooperation with the music poet Anna Vild, have created a path along a stream near the mountain pasture Ärteråsen.

The path consists of nine stops, linked by QR codes to Anna Vild's conceptual album, consisting of music-poetic portraits, with the motive of describing the inner and outer life of a  färbods house.

With music and poetry, the inside and outside life of a färbod house of that time is described here. An inspiring play of words, sounds and nature's artwork brings to life a part of Dalarna's history.


Markets in the village

Furudal is a lively village with a great interest in nature, sports and culture. So there are annual events such, e.g.  flea market at Oreparken, Ore Autumn Market, Christmas Market at Oreplatsen, concerts, lectures, etc.

Activities in Nature

Furudal is located in a fantastic nature with great opportunities for hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, fishing, golf, mushroom picking in the fall and in winter ice skating or skiing.


Hiking tips

There are beautiful  tours from the hostel, and even nicer a bit away. We help with hiking tips.

Hiking and mushroom picking

If you want to learn more about mushrooms, the nature protection association in Orsa and Edsbyn offers educational mushroom picking walks! You should not miss this opportunity in the fall. 



Dalhallarunt- Siljansleden these are well-known cycle paths where you can start directly from the hostel into the beautiful landscape. Of course you can also go on short bike rides on Lake Oresjön. We also help with renting mountain bikes.


It is nice to paddle in Skattungen, Orsasjön and parts of Ore älv.

Rent two canoes directly  on site is possible.



"Wild, beautiful & well-kept" - This is how golfers describe the golf course in Furudals Bruk. 


You can even swim directly from the campsite.

Lake Oresjön and the baby cat invite to swim in many beautiful places.

Take a look at the map or ask us where you can find good bathing spots.



Ore Fisheries Conservation Area includes 70 fine fishing waters including pike, perch and precious fish. Fishing licenses are redeemed via iFiske or in stores. Ore OFVO works for sustainable fishing for our and future generations. At Tillhedstjärn there is a new ramp for the disabled and put and take fishing. 

Skiing and skiing

The ski tracks start from the track center in Tillhed.
The ski tracks go over open fine heathland and moraine ridges.


Geopark Siljansringen | Metereoit

When Sweden was at the height of the equator 377 million years ago came  a meteorite with a speed of 100 000 km / h and crashed in that part of Sweden and in the bang formed what we today call the Siljan Ring! This happened with such force that the whole globe probably vibrated and many life forms were wiped out.  In the Geopark you will find interesting geological destinations and already many exciting places to visit to experience the geology, biology and cultural landscapes of the Siljan Ring.

annual events

Furudal's immediate vicinity is known for several annual events


Classic Car Week

Classic Car Week is Sweden's largest car meeting, an event for the whole family. It takes place every year on the 31st week in Rättvik with a varied program for the whole family. Not only interesting for fans of classic cars...


The Vasaloppet is an annual long-distance race on skis that is run on the first Sunday in March. The distance is 90 kilometers vasa race fair, market, entertainment and much more. It is an experience even for us who just choose to be an audience and cheer on known and unknown heroes.

The Vasaloppet's summer week includes cycling and running competitions such as an ultramarathon where participants run every 14 kilometers.



Sweden's oldest and largest street music festival. During the festival, there are artists and musicians of various genres everywhere on Orsa's streets and squares. There are also many activities for the whole family and opportunities to eat and drink in a summery and musical environment. Everything is based on a real desire to want to perform  music

Hockey School and Furudal Hockey Center

Furudals Hockeycenter offers top-class training and accommodation. There are many exciting competitions and fantastic IFK training camps. Furudal's hockey school is one of Sweden's most popular and oldest icehockey schools. The goal of the icehockey school is that each individual student should have an unforgettable experience with a lot of icehockey, new acquaintances and meeting new friends. It's not just exciting for parents  and watching their own children at matches. During the autumn holidays, the hockey school will  be open to the public during Monday to Friday between 11-14.

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