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We offer seven Rooms

(2-6 beds)


the whole year


The hostel is located in the middle of Furudal and directly on Lake Oeresjö. From the garden you can enjoy the view of the lake and  you have a bathing place at a distance of 100 m. Hiking trails start right on the outskirts of Furudal and you can enjoy the peace and nature of the forest.

The local shops (Snitths Hantverksbageri, Hillboms Restaurang och Pizzeria, Furudals Retro, Hairdressing shop, Shoeshop La Gunilla and the food supermarket Tempo) are within walking distance. At Tempo are Postnord and ATM. The hockey school, the Ice Hall and the bus stop are only 300 m away.

Furudals Vandrarhem is the perfect place to cuddle in peace and quiet, to experience Dalarna's history, give your exercises or sports a fresh start, train before the Vasaloppet summer and winter or to give the children a different experience of fishing, picking mushrooms, swimming, cycling , kanota  or pick berries, go cross-country skiing or try snowmobiling.

And-very important, if you are interested in hockey: The local ice hockey team IFK Öre often play matches on the weekends and the training centre Hockeyborg organizes training camps and popular cups.

If you are interested in art and history or geology and biology, Mora, Rättvik and Falun offer exciting museums and sights (see link Experiences here on the website).
We help with activity tips and bookings and
  can tell you where to find the beautiful hiking trail so that your stay will be as pleasant as possible. 



   6 personally decorated rooms with 2- 6 beds, one room of them also for dog owners

   Several toilets and showers

   Living room with TV, bookshelf and games

   Fully equipped kitchen with three stoves, microwave, dishwasher and three refrigerators and freezers 

   A large room for food and various activities (maximum 20 seats, Piano and e-piano)

   Free Wifi  located on the entire building and plot



   a beautiful garden with benches and a wonderful lake view

   a volleyball net

   you can rent bikes from us

   you can rent canoes from us

   a barbecue area

Volleyboll i trädgården


The house was built in 1902 as a railway station  and if you  are watching  out through  the windows you still remind the train tracks of the charm of past travelers and old-fashioned feel. In 1965, the railway station was closed and Rättvik municipality rebuilt the house into a hostel. In the main building, memories remain from the time as a railway station; two old tiled stoves by the walls in the dining room and in the living room photographs of the old railway station.

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